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Fifth Company Briefing

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TEN’s fifth company briefing was held at Hartlepool’s Historic Quay in the Sir William Grey Suite, provided by the generous sponsorship of Hartlepool Borough Council.

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Thank you to our guest speakers:

Mark Snell, Business Development Manager for Applied Graphene.

Graphene is a one atom thick layer of graphite, 100 times stronger than steel yet six times lighter, with a electrical conductivity 20 times greater than copper. Based at Wilton, Applied Graphene is developing a production method for the supply of this exciting new product.

The potential for this material to be used as an ingredient in products encompassing industries such as: aerospace, electronics, leisure and automotive is phenomenal. Applied Graphene is in the race to provide these industries with a reliable supply in the quantities required to enable commercial production. It is predicted that everyone will be coming into contact with Graphene infused products on a daily basis. Find out how Applied Graphene intends to be a global player operating from its North East base.

Peter Wood, Engineering Manager for P D Ports.

PD Ports is one of the UK’s major seaports and logistics businesses and, indeed, Teesport, by volume, is in the top four ports in the UK, handling some 40m tonnes of cargo annually.

Teesport has serviced the oil, chemical and steels sectors for many years and these have, and remain, a mainstay of PD’s business to the present day. To these sectors have been added the onshore and offshore energy markets, containers and port centric logistics.

PD Ports have continued to support Tees Valley’s traditional industrial base whilst driving forward in search of new opportunities.

Friday 20 Jun 2014 - 8:00 AM

Sir William Grey Suit, Hartlepool Historic Quay, HARTLEPOOL

8.00am Breakfast & Networking 8.30am - Welcome & Introductions
8.40am - Mark Snell, Applied Graphene
9.00am - Peter Wood, PD Ports
9.20am - Close
9.30am - Networking available until 10am

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